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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  August 24, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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next on abc 2 news works for you: >> cash for clunkers is out of gas. but not before a number of marylanders made a last-ditch effort to take advantage. >> police investigators to believe that he knew who the killer was. >> a 51-year-old man found dead in his parents' locked house. baltimore county police need answers. >> now abc 2 news the latest at 11. >> first at 11, one of the players who suited up for tonight's ravens game is at the center of a controversy involving baltimore city police. good evening. i'm marybeth marsden. tony fein is a rookie linebacker here is trying to make the team. he warmed up and took the field tonight. last night he was arrested at harbor place. his agent says it's a case of racial profiling. christian schaffer has the story live from the inner
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harbor tonight. chris? >> reporter: marybeth, right behind me is the light street pavilion. that's where tony fein was arrested. that's also where there was a shooting last weekend involving gang members. tony fein, is an iraq war veteran. tonight he suited up, just over 24 hours after being charged with assaulting a police officer. 27-year-old rookie linebacker tony fein arrested sunday as he was eating dinner at the johnny rockets restaurant inside light street pavilion in the inner harbor. the arrest comes just over a week after police say two gang members were shot in that same building. and the police commissioner promised more aggressive tactics. >> cops ought to know a gang banger when they see one. and some of these guys fly very overt, conspicuous, signs or symbols to do that. >> reporter: police say in this case, fein was wearing a large sweatshirt despite the hot day, and a security guard saw him
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give something to another man that he thought was a gun. it turned out to be a cell phone. police say fine pushed a police officer who responded. that led to the arrest, and then monday fein's agent said this was a case of racial profiling, which brought this reaction from city mayor sheila dixon: >> i don't believe that's the case. i don't accept that in this case at all. >> reporter: some fans gathering before monday night's preseason game said fein has no one to blame but himself. >> don't dress the bad part. cooperate and they'll let you go, simple as that. >> cooperate with the police, no matter who you are or what you do. >> reporter: david baker grew up in the city. he says he has been racially profiled and he believed it happened to tony fein on sunday. >> it was probably an overreaction. the police came down because of what happened last week. but it's business as usual. i've been facing this sort of thing since i was a kid. >> reporter: they are in the fourth quarter of the ravens preseason game against the jets. just a few blocks away at m&t
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bank stadium. it's not clear if tony fein has gotten into the game yet. he has a court date set for october 7th. live in the inner harbor, christian schaffer, abc 2 news. >> as for action on the field tonight, rob carlin was inside m&t bank. he'll join us to recap the game. plus, the o's start a series in minnesota, coming up in sports. another broken water main in the city is making getting home from the game a bit tricky for some. the 40-inch water main broke last night in the 600 block of saratoga street. the hole is very deep. crews have been working on it all day. baltimore county police have what appears to be a difficult homicide investigation on their hands. this after a man was found shot to death inside a locked owings mills home. 51-year-old scott greenberg's body was found saturday night by his ex-wife at his parents' home along velvet valley way. police say the ex-wife was dropping off the couple's children, and when she got there, it didn't seem like anyone was home and the doors were locked. so she called greenberg's father, who told her where to get a spare key.
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>> it appears he was shot inside the house. there was no forced entry. the house had not been ransacked or robbed, which leads investigators to believe he knew who the killer was. >> as you heard, making the investigation more difficult, there appears to be no sign of forced entry. in anne arundel county police, police are trying to find a pair of bank robbers. they say a woman walked on into the pnc bank on crofton, grabbed a deposit slip, looked around and left. moments later a man walked in and gave the teller the same deposit slip demanding money. if you have any information that may help police id the pair or know where they are and who they are, call the robbery unit. it wasn't a complete surprise, but the news broke earlier today michael jackson's death has been ruled a homicide according to reports. however, no charges have been filed against the king of pop's personal physician. >> reporter: after months of searches, interviews, and
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investigations, los angeles authorities have determined that michael jackson died of a homicide. according to the associated press, the coroner found a fatal combination of drugs in the pop star's system when he died. forensic tests found the powerful anesthetic propofol and two sedatives in a lethal quantity. it was dr. conrad murray who administered the drugs, and he has been under investigation since jackson's death on june 25th. the news comes on the heels of court documents that details what murray told investigators. he said he had been treating the star for insome aniy for about six weeks before his death. he had been injecting him with 60 milligrams of propofol, but feared his client was forming an addiction. he a attempted to wean him off the drug. on the day jackson died, he again tried to induce sleep without propofol. he tried various other drugs without success. jackson repeatedly asked for the more powerful drug, and at
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10:40 a.m. murray complied with a 25- milligram injection. murray said at that time he left jackson so he could make phone calls, and when he returned, his client was not breathing. >> walking out of the room after administering a combination of medications such as this is completely unacceptable and absolutely dangerous. >> reporter: can coroner's finding of homicide makes it more likely criminal charges will eventually be filed against dr. murray. the jackson family has issued a statement saying in part the family looks forward to the day that justice can be served. 2 your health tonight, students return to school with still no h1n1 vaccine. the trials continue, but at this point there is no vaccine available. and on the first day of school for kid in anne arundel county, parents and school administrators are very concerned. trials on children began last week, but the timetable for producing mass doses still points towards mid-october. as parents get their kids back
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into the swing of things, it's the lack of information that remains on many minds. >> absolutely nothing about it. that's why i'm waiting until school starts to find out about it. but i don't know if they're going to do vaccines in the school or having all the children go to the local health department. >> federal officials have identified five priority groups for the vaccine. once available, they include pregnant women and children, additionally maryland officials have identified a 7th death tied to the so-called swine flu. the shower activity that we had over the lower eastern shore throughout the day down here has basically passed out into the atlantic. but this green that you see right here, that is not shower activity, that is the heat of the day radiating back out into space. a very cool evening taking place in the baltimore area, and it's going to be even coolerrer by tomorrow morning. your forecast for tonight, mostly clear, cooler temperature 6 degrees at bwi. but it will be cooler than that north and west of the beltway. don't be at all surprised in
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some of the outlying areas see temperatures around 59 degrees early tomorrow morning when the kids head out to the bus stops for those schools that have already gone back into session. a complete forecast coming up in just a couple minutes. it's been a bumpy ride, but thanks to the cash for clunkers program, there are a lot of new cars on the road. the program officially ended at 8:00 tonight. and as terry owens reports, some dealershipser busy right down to the wire. >> reporter: shannon cunningham and her husband were among the last-minute shoppers. with three kids in college, the cash for clunkers program was just the stimulus they needed. >> we have an 18-year-old mercedes that we love dearly, but it has 250,000 miles on it. so we welcome the opportunity to get a little help getting another car. >> reporter: one of the dealerships still making deals up to the 8:00 deadline. many others pulled the plug on the $4,500 incentives because of slow reimbursements from the government. joe taylor is sales manager. >> our goal was to help as many people as we could.
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>> reporter: taylor says the company has accepted more than 1500 clunkers, but has only been paid for nine of them. they're currently owe in order than $6 million. >> it would be nice if the government website was more revile we could transmit the information. >> reporter: that same website was down for hours at a time monday, forcing the government to extend the deadline for dealerships to turn in their paperwork. >> there is a lot more people in the dealership than there has been, and a lot more people working. that makes me happy. >> reporter: here more than 80% of the clunkers that were traded in were american-made cars like this dodge ram truck. over 70% of the vehicles thatter with sold were imports. by the end of the day, little was left on the new car lot. terry owens, abc 2 news. >> the dealership news have until noon on tuesday, tomorrow, to get their paperwork in. no word if the program exceeded the $3 billion limit approved by congress. governor martin o'malley is expected to soon spell out his plan to trim the state's massive budget deficit.
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but we do know the plan includes furloughs for just about all state workers. depending on how much money workers make, they'll take between 3 and 10 purchase furlough days. those that make more than $40,000 a year will be asked to take an additional 3 to 5 furlough days. and most of the state government will be shut down fors through five days. it's all in an effort to offset a massive budget shortfall. it turns out, a bolt of lightning is no match for the power of prayer. ahead, one of baltimore city's oldest churches is ready to get back to business, and parishioners couldn't be happier. >> it can also do things like keep track of what is in your kitchen. >> abc 2 works for you tonight. how to make the most of every dinner. and our 2-degree guarantee for today was 85 degrees. the official high at bwi 85. we hit it right on the nose. what about tomorrow? well, the heat is coming up, we'll tell you about it.
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[ closing bell ] >> a little clapping, but sort of a quiet day on wall street today. the dow gained 3 points. ed in lost nearly 3 and the s&p lost about a half. a lot of losses locally. under armour dropped more than 2%. linthicum-based sienna corporation fell just shy of 2%. and first mariner closed down more than 3%. did you know the average american throws away 14% of the groceries they buy at the store? if you, like many of us cannot afford that waste, sherrie johnson has suggestion sons how to make sure you're using what you have before it goes bad. >> reporter: lilly wu enjoys cooking, but she is not the type to plan a seven-day menu for her family. >> i am not organized enough to
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plan everything a week in advance. >> reporter: she is exactly the kind of person several new cooking websites are designed for. when she wants to make a meal, she has to log on, input the ingredients and voila, she'll be fed several options. >> pretty much any combination you can think of. at least some recipe will pop up. or if there is nothing you can make right this second, it will tell you what recipes are close to the ingredient. >> reporter: there is, recipe matcher, leftover wizard, mealo pediaand much more. they use search engines from all over the web. each site offers different examples. on supercooker: >> it can keep track of what's in your kitchen and make custom suggests for you on what other ingredients you should buy. >> reporter: lilly like all because they can also input ingredients she doesn't want to use. >> that's very useful for me because sometimes you've got someone who has an allergy or
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is picky. >> reporter: not a superchef? you don't have to be. the recipes you get are easy to follow. a great cook and it's time to expand your option fireworks you're more experienced chef, you envision more possibilities and maybe get out of the recipe rut you've been in for a while. >> sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. >> the sites are free, and with some you can create your own account to keep track of your ingredients and your choices. your personalized cookbook. it is a new day at one of baltimore's oldest churches. bethel ame is back in business after a lightning strike and fire burned the steeple and part of the balcony. as roosevelt leftwich tells us, the church is looking at this reopening as a chance to renew therapist faith. >> reporter: it hit everyone like a bolt out of the blue, because it really was a bolt out of the blue, or more precisely out of the thunderstorm. lightning struck the historile bethel ame church a couple of months ago. but as with all lightning, it brought a bright light wit. it brought many a chance to
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renew their commitment. >> i first time back, my aunt told me they knew, everything looking nice. >> reporter: today marked the first time church members got a chance to worship in their building since the fire. coming back is proof that prayers are always answered. >> no place like home. no place like home. no matter you go, this is the home church. >> reporter: not all the damage from the lightning strike has cleaned up. there is still work to do. this side of the balcony on this side of the church is still damaged from the water. however, they hope to have that reopened within the next several months. ♪ even though there is still cleaning up to do, the pastor says it was very about the to get things as close to normal as possible, especially today. the church is now able to go forward with a week's worth of activity. >> a gift to the community. we bring in the best singers,
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the best speakers, bring in somebody to talk about financial planning, because people today are worried about their finances, their health care. so we're trying to build people up. >> reporter: although things may get a little crowded with just half the balcony, the church plans to move forward, because being together and praying together is what is really important. >> the church will be celebrating the next four days with prayer services and music starting every evening at 6 with special midday services starting at 12. they also plan a special thanks to members of the temple in park heights that allowed bethel to use their building while theirs was being repaired. now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate. here is chief meteorologist norm lewis, and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> nice to see bethel pulling it together. if you have never met frank reed, if there is any guy that can do it, he can do it. i tell you what. gorgeous weather on tap the next couple days if you don't
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mind it being on the hot side. but it's only going last a couple days. outside right now, your shot from harbor cam overlooking the downtown area. our temperature at bwi right now 69 degrees. 81% humidity there is no wind that is calm. and the barometer rising, 30.10. the tides tomorrow at fort mchenry. low tide 5:03 in the evening. the winds will come from theie at 8 to friend miles per hour. low this morning was 66 degrees. the high today 85 degrees, which did hit our 2-degree guarantee right on the money. temperatures outside right now 63 in york. hagerstown 74. 66 in winchester, virginia. oakland down to 61. 73 on the boardwalk and dover at 75 degrees. the temperature is going to be cooling off tonight under the clear skies throughout the day today, throughout the early morning hours we had some showers. then they stopped. then during the afternoon they picked up once again on the eastern shore. but that's basically where they stayed. our clouds have cleared out
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very nicely, and on the larger picture, you can see this big area of high pressure back here in the ohio valley. this area of high pressure basically making its way towards the east. it's going to sit right over the top of baltimore during the day tomorrow. what is going to be happening is that area of high pressure, that clockwise circulation of air. the wind tomorrow start out from the north and become more northeasterly. that's going to allow a lot of heat from the ohio valley to surge on up into our region. a real hot day on wednesday. right now nothing showing up on the radar. this is the heat of the day going back out into space. nice clear scan out there. that real bright star that you see in the east. that's not a star. it's actually the planet jupiter. as far as our forecast for the overnight period, nice clear skies. during the day tomorrow lots of sunshine. but the heat starts to build. in all the shower activity will stay to the south. it does not bother us at all. the forecast for tonight, mostcally clear skies. 64 for the low. if you live in a northern and
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western suburb, don't be at all surprised to walk outside and go a little cool. kids might need a sweater. temperatures could be in the upper 50s. we'll recover to 88 degrees with mostly sunny skies. and the extended outlook for the next seven days, mostly sunny tomorrow there is the heat on wednesday. wow. mostly sunny skies. 92 degrees. now as far as thorough, we cool down just a little bit on thursday. and then what we're talking about for the next couple days is basically some nicer weather with a chance for some shower and thunderstorm activity. on friday, saturday, and sunday. monday mostly sunny skies and 80 degrees. hope you all have a nice evening, and check with meteorologist justin berk early tomorrow morning. m.b.? >> actually, i'll take it from here, norm. the orioles in minnesota tonight, trying to build off a successful weekend. but the ravens at home for their final preseason home game. and they put the pressure on rex ryan and the jets.
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highlights coming up next in sports. the promise of biomedical research and the maryland jobs it provides. it's not just the future, it's life.
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that was the plot line tonight about 6:00 this evening, rex ryan, the ravens' former defensive coordinator saying hello to hi old boss, john harbaugh for a homecoming game of sorts. but it was much more than just rex. bart scott was a former pro bowler. jim leonard, a huge fan favorite last year, a bunch of former ravens assistants. there was plenty of pride on the line tonight. but the ravens took it right to the jets.
11:25 pm
to big haloti nag ga. he made it 7-0. what made the play? ray lewis. ray making rex proud with a big hit on sanchez. later, 3rd and 7, joe flacco, great double move by derrick mason. good to have him back out of retirement. 43-yard down to the jets three. 3rd and goal, flacco with the statue of liberty play. what a play to ray rice for the score. how about cam cameron, dipping into the bag of trips. run to perfection. it was 14-0. then 14-7 late in the half. kellen clemons in, and the ravens defense does it again. jamil mcclain with the interception. he goes in for the score. the ravens hold on 24-23. they're at carolina on saturday. former terp shawn little be the starter for the 49ers.
11:26 pm
mike singletary made the announcement today. hill is 29. he is in his 8th year in the league and has never started on opening day. he beat out former first overall pick alex smith for the job. it took more than a month, but the orioles finally did something this weekend they hadn't done since before the all star break. win a series. today they're in minnesota looking to keep their momentum going against the twins. and the o's struck first. top 3, brian robert, a double machine off scott baker. michael aubrey would come around to score. leads the al with 1-0 o's. bottom of the 5th, chris tillman getting help from his defense. melvin mora going deep, and bounces the throw over to the out. tillman strong through 5. but the wheels came off in the 6th after a lead-off triple by alexis. a wild pitch ties the game at 1. tillman pulled after loading
11:27 pm
the bases. jason against hendrickson. a fly ball to left gives the twins a 2-1 lead. bottom 9, walked 2 straight. matt wieters goes down swinging. twins win 2-1 that i play again tomorrow night at 8. and finally, over the weekend, a pretty touching time as nick adenhart was honored in maryland. they named a little league field after him. pretty school stuff there. so nick adenhart was killed tragically a few months back by a drunk driver. they named the little league complex after him. a nice touch there. >> that is. >> friends and family. i was thinking for the o's, the honeymoon has been over for a listening time. but for you, my friend, i hope it continues. for years to come. >> i got the ring. i will say the honeymoon, the wedding, what a great three weeks of my life. >> as it should be. >> i'm a happily married man
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now. i'm going to hold on to that as long as i can. >> congratulations, mr. pringle. >> are we running out of time, out of time, oliver? >> you're always doing it. now i need it. yeah, i'm glad to be back. >> we'll be back in a moment. >> watch abc 2 news any time on channel 1 with comcast on demand.
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heat is coming back for a couple days, and then cooling off. >> all right. that's all for us tonight. thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. all of us. good night. >> switch to what works for you. abc 2 news at 11 and marybeth marsden. energy, experience. >> good evening, i'm marybeth marsden. >> breaking news. fast and first. >> we were the first to bring it to you. tonight the story -- >> reports saving you money, keeping you safe. >> lucky enough to land a job,
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